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What does the iERA Robo Advisor do?

First, it collects the buyer’s personal information such as name, age, and nationality. It also helps the buyer to assess his or her unique financial position through the following:

  1. Income assessment;
  2. Existing debt assessment;
  3. Liquid asset assessment;
  4. CPF assessment.

Based on the information collected from customers about their unique financial positions, the iERA Robo Advisor will automatically provide advisory on:

  1. Different types of option plans;
  2. Purchase and payment schedule;
  3. Investment analysis and risk assessment;
  4. New home recommendations.

Why should consumers use the iERA Robo Advisor?

It provides a convenient tool to supplement your property investment research by guiding you through the important steps and taking in the key considerations before making your property purchase. It helps you to form an initial assessment of your options, before reaching out to a real estate professional.


The iERA Robo Advisor will:

  1. Show you a range of possible property purchase options based on your unique financial position;
  2. Help you better understand the property investment process with a built-in investment analysis and an assessment of the optimal holding period; and
  3. Offer you a prudent investment plan with a risk assessment, to ensure you have the holding power to tide you through difficult times.

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